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How to sell or let your property?

Don’t worry, it’s easy with NoAgent

1. Easily create your new offer where you specify all relevant details of your property.

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2. Activate and publish your offer to make it visible and available to all NoAgent visitors.

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3. Share your ad on any social media by clicking on the relevant icons.

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4. Anyone interested by your offer will be able to contact you.

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5. Check whether seekers have saved demands fitting your offer and take the initiative to get in touch with them. The system also provides you with daily reports of fitting new demands registered by seekers.

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6. Use our online and offline services to help you close your deal.

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Why use NoAgent

The only real estate marketplace that connects you directly with the property owner.

Sell, buy or rent your property and have your real estate transaction fully under your control. Without commission, without real estate agents.

Get access to all necessary tools to close your deal.


Our users have already created over 500 offers in NoAgent.

saved over

We have already saved over 1.7m EUR on commission.

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