NoAgent for real estate developers

Sell your new development projects without paying high broker commissions.

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How does it work

Don’t worry, it’s easy with NoAgent.

1. Request new account

Contact us and we will create your user account.

2. Create project page

Easily input your project information into our template and create your project page.

3. Input your property units for sale

Create individual offers for all units in your project. It is quick and easy thanks to the unit copying feature. NoAgent can also assist you in the process.

4. Publish project

In just one click, your project with its available units and all relevant details and documents becomes visible to any visitor.

5. Outsource sales process

We can take care of the sales process for you. Open your account now.

Starting offer


You pay a fixed yearly fee for your active user account, no matter the number of projects.


For each project you wish to publish, you pay an one-time fee.


Only master units (flats, penthouses, retail units or office units) are accounted for.


Parkings, cellars and other non-master units remain free of charge and can be added in an unlimited number.

Pay fixed fee

500 €/yearly

Pay a one-time fee per project

Offers (master units)
1 — 10
One-time fee
1 000 €


Offers (master units)
11 — 20
One-time fee
1 800 €


Offers (master units)
21 — 30
One-time fee
2 400 €


Offers (master units)
31 — 50
One-time fee
2 800 €


Offers (master units)
over 50
One-time fee
3 000 €


You want us to take care of the inputs and the sales process?

Inputting of global project
into the platform.

Starting at
60 €/unit*
* based on a project with 50 units


Taking care of client and the overall sales process until the signature of the reservation agreement on an non-exclusive basis.
2 500 €/unit*
* due only after fulfillment of the condition precedent of the loan commitment


Typical offers

Check out typical offers of real estate developers.

Why use NoAgent

Present your project in a clean and professional way.

Save time and effort by adding all relevant elements for direct download (“cahier des charges”, plans, etc…).

Increase your margin on the project by taking care of the sales process yourself or let NoAgent take care of it at a fraction of a broker’s cost.

Chose to offer a part of your saved commission to the final client. This will be visible to all potential clients.

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