NoAgent Q&A

  1. What is NoAgent?

    NoAgent is a real estate Internet portal which can be consulted via computer, smartphone or tablet. This portal:

    • offers the possibility to sell, buy or lease without any intermediary, therefore without having to pay any agency fees,
    • allows posting of advertisements for both parties of the market. Those who are searching for a property and those who are offering a property.
    • offers the possibility to consult, search for a property by selecting criteria or by means of a geographical map.
    • gives access to a complete range of tools and services needed to carry out its own real estate transaction.

    Besides de platform Advertisement / Services NoAgent allows :

    • the management of a property or of a real estate portfolio.
    • to create a detailed property information sheet and keep track of charges, products, meters, invoices, user guides, etc.
    • to archive the contracts and documents per property.
    • to keep a detailed inventory by item as well as the state of the components with their photograph (real estate, furniture, equipment) and to use these elements, e.g. for a orintable inventory which may be signed by both parties.
    • to transfer the information sheet with all its detailed elements to the next owner (R3).
    • to keep a complete register of files (word, excel, PDF, photos, videos, etc.)
    • to divide and to rent out your properties by room in order to allow the management of subleases

  2. What inspired you to launch the platform?

    The service! The challenge! The New! The design! The complementarity between the existing actors. But above all the main objective was to offer an optimized platform to people searching for a property, people who until now have not been able to display their needs via an Internet platform or on a geographical map within their own showcase.

    The Internet has reached a level of development that allows the user himself to cover a large part of the needs of life in a very wide range of domains. The user himself has reached such level of Internet skills and competences that he will have no trouble carrying out large-scale operations, while using appropriate tools.

    In Luxembourg, no existing real estate platform has offered:

    • A showcase with criteria for advertisers searching for a property, pinned on a geographical map
    • A Purchase of Services where the user could carry out the transaction himself (photos, estimates, viewings, contracts, inventory, etc.)
    • A global management module for a real estate portfolio.

    NoAgent creates a tool which saves time and significant amounts of money and which facilitates the completion of real estate transactions.

  3. What are the benefits of NoAgent to anybody acquiring/selling a property?

    NoAgent''s main advantage is the absence of agency commission which can grow to up to 3% excl. VAT in Luxembourg. The owner who considers himself individualistic and autonomous to the point of taking over himself the sale of his property will find all the tools that he might need on the NoAgent platform. After entering information about his property, the owner will be directed to the complete list of services from which he will choose the services that he wants to use, either solely the advertisement or any other provided services.
    Once all information have been entered, the owner will be able to see the considerable sum that will potentially save in comparison with the commission paid to the agency.
    The system allows purchasing of services at any time during the active period (30 to 90 days) of the advertisement (possibility to extend this period). The system allows visualisation on the map (by pins) of advertisements of those who are searching for a property as well as those who are offering a property in their area of interest.
    The system allows each party to contact the other party; i.e. the person searching for a property contacts the person offering a property or vice versa.

  4. Please detail the advantages for people wanting to let/rent a property?

    According to the local market practice, it is the tenant who pays the agency a commission in the form of a month''s rent. A tenant will therefore bear the following costs at the beginning of the renting:
    1-month rent to be paid in advance to the owner;
    1-month rent in the form of an agency commission,
    2 months (if not 3) of warranty caution.
    This expense of 4 months of rent weighs heavily in a budget, especially for young adults who are just starting their working lives. NoAgent therefore allows the tenant to avoid the commission of 1 month''s rent.

    In Luxembourg, the owners in general do not have to bear any costs if they approach a traditional real estate agency, which takes care of the property viewings and prepares all necessary documents.

    Advantages for the Tenant:

    The tenant does not pay the agency a commission of 1 month''s rent.

    NoAgent allows the prospective tenant to display his advertisement with the search criteria and mark it on the map. He can determine the exact address of the place of his choice by clicking on the map. He can define a radius in km around this place. He can also enter five different advertisements for free.
    He will also see properties for lease in his area of interest. The system allows the owner to contact the tenant directly or the tenant to contact the owner directly.

    Advantages for the Owner:

    Financially speaking, the service of advertisement remaining paid, NoAgent cannot currenly beat the free-of-charge offer currently provided on the traditional Luxembourg market.

    (in Germany the law changed on 1 June 2016 and the commission is currently paid by the owner which has influenced his habits. It can be noticed that the owners show more and more interest in renting of their property on their own).

    Concerning the visibility, NoAgent allows the owner to view on the map the search advertisements near his own property and therefore allows the owner to directly estimate the situation. He thus may rent out much quicker than by passing through one single agency.

    • - lots of pins strong demand More attractive lease.
    • - lots of pins increased choice of prospects.
    • - lots of pins interesting area for purchasing investors.

    The automatic verification performed daily by the system will generate notifications to the address of both parties when a match between search and offer or offer and search is found.

    The owner will be able to use the “Management” tool through which he will be able to enter and consult all the specifications of his property, and he will be able to use this tool to establish the entry and/or exit inventory of the tenant. Once his property is entered in the “Management” section, the entered data can always be reused.

    Advantages for both parties:

    • The system NoAgent allows both parties to save time in their researches.
    • Both parties will have the advantage to see a high number of advertisements. In case of a traditional real estate agency, the owner is dependent solely on the commercial portfolio of this single agency.
    • Both parties can start the contact directly by e-mail.
    • The system performs a matching of demands and offers.

  5. Please detail the services rendered by NoAgent respectively the available options for users?

    We distinguish two types of services: Online Services and Customized Services:

    Online Services: Services a), b) and c) become active once the advertisement is posted:

    • The advertisement itself.
    • Highlighting the advertisement by a coloured frame, as well as the pin on the map.
    • Topping of the advertisement. Topping is placing the advertisement at top of the list with the choice of date and hour. The user has the possibility to subscribe to several toppings, that is to various dates and hours.
    • Purchasing of interactive sales or lease agreement templates. Entering information into filling fields corresponding to the identifiers of each party, of the property and other details relevant to the contract with the possibility of printing out and storing the documents. This service is available at any time. Once the fields have been filled in, the system generates the final contract.

    Customized Services:

  6. What are the costs of using NoAgent?

    See the price list on Landing Page.

    Example :
    Sale of a property by a real estate agency is in principle at 3% excl. VAtax. A property of 500.000,- EUR generates for the owner a charge of 17.550,- EUR incl. VAtax.
    A sale with the NoAgent platform generates a significantly lower expense, see the example below :

    EXAMPLE with a sample of services NoAgent Real estate agency
    Example of Sale of a property of 500.000,- Price NoAgent incl. tax Agency commission incl. tax Advantage noAgent
    3-month advertisement 140,00
    Topping for 21 times 36,00
    Highlighting for 21 times 36,00
    Professional photos 180,00
    Text in one language 50,00
    5-viewings pack 430,00
    Agreement template final text 30,00
    Sub Total 902,00 17.550,00 16.648,00

  7. Is the platform multi-lingual?

    The platform is available in three languages (FR, EN, DE).

  8. How do you secure the data submitted to the platform as described above?

    The webpage is accessible via HTTPS protocol. The certificates used for accessing the webpage are issued by the Letsenscrypt authority. HTTP protocol is used for routing to the HTTPS protocol only. The quality of the HTTPS setup is at A+ level based on valuation from ( .

    The Database backup is executed every 30 min. Transfer of data to the Backup Database uses SSH protocol.

    We use a tool which measures Production environment accessibility every 2 minutes and benchmarks performance metrics every minute. As soon as a deviation is encountered by the tool there is an email to out IT department dispatched which will resolve the issue.

    Periodical Penetration test:
    Before launching, it had to undergo a wide set of penetration tests (manual and automated). The tests are scheduled to be executed on a regular basis.

    Payment gateway:
    The payment solution comes from the PayPal company Braintree ( The solution is used world wide. To make it work for, it had to undergo a set of tests and business model analysis by Braintree.

  9. What is the market share that is being targeted in Luxembourg respectively the greater region of SaarLorLux?

    Our initial target market is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The tools available on the platform are all adapted to the local market. We plan to expand in the future version but this will require certain modifications especially concerning the Customized Services.

    With the exception of several services, the system as it is today is already ideal for all Europe thanks to the use of Google Maps. We encourage residence owners of this Region to use NoAgent to rent their properties and holiday residences as well to consider subletting.

    The market part will be defined by the users themselves. We are satisfied when we can provide services of top quality which will satisfy our customers.

  10. Does NoAgent have a social media presence?

    Accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been created and we are impatiently looking forward to the reaction of public.

  11. If we understand right, you intend to cut out traditional real estate companies from the business. What do you anticipate their reaction will be?

    NoAgent is not a predator. Dedicating thousands of hours of work to a platform which offers services demonstrates the self-concentration at the heart of the business.

    NoAgent considers itself complementary to the traditional real estate agencies. The good agencies will not lose their customers, on the contrary a platform like NoAgent encourages them to remain vigilant and treat their customers even better.

    Uberisation is an effect which cannot be stopped. Our platform is in line with market trends and time and provides current resources coming out of the beaten path.

    If NoAgent did not exist today, someone would start it tomorrow.

    This is the reason why we think that an intelligent real estate agent will not react with animosity.

  12. Are you open to collaborations with traditional real estate agencies?

    In the context of intermediation between parties, this is not possible. We believe that customers who advertise on NoAgent have an inquiring but also economical mind. The traditional real estate agency lives on commissions. We do not see how we could help this agency achieve that goal.

    A user who created an account on NoAgent portal must confirm that he is not a real estate agent acting in the course of his commercial development.

    A user who offers a property for sale or lease must be the owner of this property.

  13. Are you interested in collaborations with promoters and developers of real estate?

    NoAgent is open to all who sell or rent a property of which they are owners. We would be delighted to cooperate with promoters in the sale of their real estate program while enabling them to save considerable amounts. We already have several specific ideas to provide tailor-made solutions to promoters.

  14. Did you seek legal counsel before launching the platform? With whom?

    Before launching of the project we had had meetings with the General Direction – SME & Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of the Economy to whom we had explained the objectives of our project in order to take right steps to obtain the authorizations of the establishment. We had been well received. At the same time we seeked assistance of the law company MOYSE BLESER S.à r.l. concerning all legal aspects which could have had any connection with our project.

    We had a positive answer from MOYSE BLESER S.à r.l. who agreed to become one of our Partners, especially in the subject of drafting customized sales or lease documents.

  15. Who developed the platform?

    Trigama International s.r.o.
    Poděbradská 57/206
    Prague 9, 198 00
    Czech Republic

    Trigama offers its services in functional and elegant graphics and design. Trigama develops web and mobile applications while putting emphasis on being user-friendly and intuitive, on having pleasant design and on keeping up with modern trends.
    Trigama specializes in applications that can be used via various types of devices.
    Trigama redesigns websites and applications in a contemporary way.

  16. Do I need to be computer-savvy to use the platform?

    No, we have put a lot of empathy on this issue. All operations are very intuitive, simple and user-friendly, also thanks to the design of the portal. We had different types of people test the website and we found their comments very helpful.

  17. How do I use auxiliary services of the platform like video/photo coverage of my property?

    During the process of entering the advertisement, the user will get to the field “insert a photo”. Here, he can, in a very simple way, download his own photos from his computer or photos that he has taken with his smartphone (possibility of drag&drop) and to divide them in the order of his choice.

    If the user has no photos to post, he can continue to the following sections of his advertisement. At the end of the entry, he has the option to keep his advertisement on hold (a draft) or to publish it.

    The choice “publish” opens the List of Services. On this list the user can purchase the service of a photographer who will come take photos of his property. NoAgent has signed contracts for various services with its partners. Following the order, the user as well as the NoAgent team will be notified by email; NoAgent will then contact the photographer.
    The service contract stipulates that the photographer contacts the user within 3 working days to set the appointment (Saturday being not considered as such). After the photos are taken and processed, NoAgent will upload them to the account of the user, who will be notified by e-mail. In the “My Account” section, the status in the Pending Services List will change to “Service completed”.

    This principle is the same for all other services sub-contracted to partners.

    Explanations are available in pop-up windows during data entry (more info fields).

  18. Please detail the legal services that NoAgent is offering?

    One must be a lawyer to have the right to offer and to provide legal services. This is not the case of NoAgent.

    If a user wants the sales or lease agreement to be drafted by a lawyer, he can order this service in the Customized Services List. We have among our Partners a law company MOYSE BLESER S.à r.l., who will contact the user to draw the required document.

    The user will be able to purchase the sales or lease agreement in the form of a template in the list of Online Services and print it out once filled in with details of the transaction, in case of standard transaction.

  19. Who are your partners to provide such services?

    Offered services and Partners:

    Top of the list (Topping)Online
    Contract templatesOnline
    Estimates, Energy Performance Certificate (Energiepass)Assessment office Bureau d’Expertise Wies
    InventoryAssessment office Bureau d’Expertise Wies
    HeizungscheckGenista SA
    Customized contractsMOYSE BLESER S.à r.l.

  20. Do you also propose notary services to conclude transactions?

    The choice for a notary is the responsibility of the customer only (absolute choice). A complete list of notaries is made available upon request.

  21. Explain the concept of portfolio management that NoAgent proposes?

    NoAgent allows to manage a property or a real estate portfolio item per item. Thanks to a complex management module, the owner, without necessarily being the seller of this property, can create an individual information sheet per item. The concept is self explanatory if we illustrate the seven compartments of this form (property card):

    1. Specifications of property – phoho collage possible
      • type of property,
      • number of rooms,
      • parking,
      • surfaces,
      • state,
      • type of heating,
      • and many other specifications.
    2. Inventory of each room and its immovable and movable elements

      • room surface,
      • materials and their price,
      • state of floors, walls, doors, windows, etc.
      • inventory of the contents of rooms, the furniture, the equipment, their condition, their value,
      • the system allows an infinite number of rooms and positions.

      It is possible to paste photos:

      • of each room,
      • of furniture or other room element,
      • of each object in the furniture (e.g. kitchen components).

      Reading of meters – photo collage is possible for each individual reading

      • type of meter,
      • date of reading,
      • position of meter,
      • photo of meter.

      For each meter, new dates of readings with all the aforementioned information can be added and therefore history and consumption analysis can be created.

      Attachements - the system allows to save all types of documents and files.

    3. Offers – All items or properties published by the user can be found in this section. If the owner has offered to rent several rooms inside the property, each room is also listed in this section. Certain information, such as for example the number of views from each room or the remaining time of the advertisement can also be monitored. Number of views may be considered as a very precious information.

    4. Services– This sections provides detailed information on the history of orders and services, including those in the process of completion.

    5. Individual room renting

      NoAgent offers the owner the possibility to rent and to the tenants the possibility to sublet individual rooms.

      The user enters and saves each room with its specifications (surface, max number of residents, balcony, etc.). These rooms can then be published individually as a new offer for lease. This module is aimed at people who own or rent a property and they wish to optimize it financially. We have developed this module to meet these growing trends:

      • cohabitation
      • co-tenancy
      • subletting

      This system can also be useful in case of seasonal renting during holidays.

    6. Contracts

      In this section, the user can :

      • purchase a contract template online or order a customized contract.
      • Edit existing contracts

      The prices are available on the homepage as well as in the list of provided services at the end of the advertisement entry.

    7. Attachments:

      NoAgent installed an archiving system for all types of documents.

  22. Explain the difference between active versus passive searches on the platform?

    NoAgent is a public platform which can be used by everybody for consulting the database of advertisements published by our users searching for or offering a property. This action is passive because the visitor has not created a NoAgent account.

    If during the database consulting the visitor discovers a property about which he wishes to have more information he must join the platform and create an account. He becomes an active user and can contact the other publishers.

    He will also be able to post a targeted search advertisement free of charge.

    A visiting owner must do the same if he wishes to offer a property. This action is paid.

    The visitor who wishes to use the NoAgent platform to manage his real estate property, will also be led to create an account that he will be able to manage free of charge (until further notice). When he decides to offer his property for sale or for lease, the system will allow him to publish his advertisement in a very simple way. This action is paid.

  23. What to do if I am contacted by a real estate agency against my will?

    According to article 1 of the General Conditions of Use, NoAgent Services are not offered to real estate professionals as part of their commercial development activities. Our users choose NoAgent for evident reasons. In case a user is approached by real estate professionals against his will, this user can report this incident to NoAgent, who reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings.

    How to report a real estate Agent?
    Click on your name (at the top on the right), choose “report an agent” in the menu and fill in the form. You can define the method by which you have been contacted (e-mail, phone, at your door, etc.) as well as the way (polite, insistent, aggressive, repetitive, etc.) and share with us your reaction.

    The non-respect of our general terms and conditions will trigger serious consequences.

  24. An issue with this offer? Let us know!

    NoAgent''s priority is the information and data security and we take necessary measures to protect these against unauthorized third parties.
    If an offer seems suspicious to you for whatever reason, for example you have doubts regarding its author or its authenticity, please use the link and share with us your concern.
    If you are contacted by someone who is making inappropriate proposals such as requests for advances or who is bothering you in their efforts that would seem out of ordinary, we strongly recommend you to alert us so that we can proceed with necessary verifications and take appropriate measures. We thank you in advance.

  25. Do I have a Right of retraction?

    Yes indeed you have this right which is actually governed by law.

    After having paid for Service(s) you will benefit from a withdrawal right on the ordered Service(s), without stating any reasons, within 14 days after having placed your order.
    To exercise your right of withdrawal you need to inform NoAgent by e-mail at : or by post about your decision to withdraw, before the expiration date of the aforementioned period of withdrawal.

    The right is however definitively forfeited upon provision by NoAgent and / or its Partner (s) of the Service (s) ordered.
    You also have the option to use the withdrawal form template

    In the event of a valid withdrawal, NoAgent shall reimburse for all payments received without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from the day NoAgent was informed of your decision to withdraw from the concerned Services. NoAgent will proceed to the refund using the same means of payment as used for the initial payment, unless another means of payment is expressly agreed. In any case, this reimbursement will not incur any costs for the Customer.

    Online services are excluded as they are fulfilled immediately.

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